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Rainy Deluge Hits Odisha: Ottangi, Similiguda, and Koraput Soak Up Heavy Rainfall

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Odisha finds itself under the embrace of heavy rainfall as Ottangi in Koraput district leads the charts with a substantial 11 cm of rainfall. Similiguda follows closely with 9 cm, and Koraput itself records 7 cm of rain. The weather dynamics demand heightened vigilance and preparedness from residents in the affected areas.

The rainfall figures indicate a significant weather event that can have various implications, from waterlogging to potential flooding. Residents are urged to stay informed about the changing weather conditions and adhere to safety advisories issued by local authorities.

“Taking weather precautions becomes paramount during such instances to mitigate risks and ensure the well-being of the community. Whether it’s planning travel routes, securing property, or avoiding vulnerable areas, being prepared and vigilant is key”.

As the rainy season unfolds, it’s a collective responsibility to prioritize safety. The recorded rainfall in Ottangi, Similiguda, and Koraput serves as a reminder for everyone to stay safe, stay informed, and take necessary precautions during adverse weather conditions. Together, the community can navigate through the rainy season with resilience and preparedness.

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