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What are the 3 F’s of positive parenting?

Although parenting is challenging, it is also important and rewarding. How one child would grow up is determined by many factors, one of which is the environment.

One of the approaches to parenting that would help children to develop their social and emotional skills is positive parenting, even though there is no right or wrong when it comes to parenting.

Positive parenting leads to a harmonious parent-child relationship, which benefits the well-being of parents, children, and the whole family.

The purpose of parenting in this way is that children will grow up to be healthy, happy, and have a confident relationship with their parents. This is achieved through mutual respect, fairness, and clear boundaries and rules within the family.

3 F’s of positive parenting are:-

1. Firm

The rules parents set for their children should be firm. If someone exhibits inappropriate behavior, the consequences should be clearly stated and then enforced.

2. Fair

The punishment should be proportionate to the crime. Consequences for recurring behavior should be stated in advance so the child knows what to expect. Punishment does not need to be harsh.

3. Friendly

When undesired behavior of their children occurs, parents may use a friendly-but-firm communication style. Let them know they will receive the consequence they agreed upon and encourage them to remember what they should do or can do better in the future.

Additionally, parents can encourage their children by rewarding them for desired behaviors, setting a positive example. To conclude, positive parenting is a beneficial way to raise children. The benefits of this activity will last a lifetime, not only for the child’s development, but also for the strength of the parent-child relationship.

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