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Anurag Thakur Expresses Pride in BJP’s Antyodaya Philosophy at National Convention

Anurag Thakur, a key figure within the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), recently expressed his deep sense of pride in his affiliation with the party, highlighting its commitment to the principle of Antyodaya, which prioritizes the upliftment of the most marginalized and disadvantaged individuals in society.

Anurag Thakur’s remarks came during the BJP’s national convention, where he underscored the party’s unwavering dedication to serving the needs of every citizen, especially those at the grassroots level. He emphasized that the BJP’s ideology places a strong emphasis on empowering the last person in the societal hierarchy, thereby fostering inclusive growth and development.

Moreover, Anurag Thakur commended the enthusiastic participation of party workers in the national convention, stating that by registering for the event, they had ensured their active involvement in what he described as a “Mahakumbh” (grand congregation). He stressed the importance of such gatherings in fostering camaraderie among party members and charting a collective vision for the future.

Thakur’s words reflect the BJP’s commitment to grassroots democracy and inclusive governance, with a focus on addressing the needs of the most vulnerable sections of society. As the party continues to strengthen its organizational structure and expand its outreach, leaders like Anurag Singh Thakur play a pivotal role in advancing its core principles and ideals.

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