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Rainfall Report: Top 5 Stations and Their Recorded Rainfall

The Rainfall Report has just been released, showcasing the top 5 rainfall stations and their respective recorded rainfall in centimeters. These stations have experienced significant rainfall, providing crucial data for meteorological monitoring and public awareness.

StationLocationRecorded Rainfall (in cm)
KhowangAssam18 cm
LakhpatSaurashtra & Kutch17 cm
KoraputOdisha17 cm
KalolGujarat9 cm
GokarnaKarnataka9 cm

Khowang, Assam (18 cm): Topping the list is Khowang in Assam, which recorded a significant 18 cm of rainfall. This substantial rainfall can have various implications for the region, including its impact on agriculture, water resources, and potential flooding concerns.

Lakhpat, Saurashtra & Kutch (17 cm): Following closely behind is Lakhpat in the Saurashtra & Kutch region, with 17 cm of rainfall. This area is known for its arid climate, making this rainfall an essential resource for local ecosystems.

Koraput, Odisha (17 cm): Odisha’s Koraput station also recorded 17 cm of rainfall. This region often experiences monsoon rains, which play a vital role in sustaining agriculture and the environment.

Kalol, Gujarat (9 cm): Moving to the western part of India, Kalol in Gujarat received 9 cm of rainfall. While not as heavy as some other regions, this rainfall contributes to the state’s water resources and agricultural activities.

Gokarna, Karnataka (9 cm): Gokarna in Karnataka also recorded 9 cm of rainfall. Karnataka experiences a range of climatic conditions, and this rainfall is essential for maintaining its natural balance.

The Rainfall Report serves as a valuable source of information for meteorologists, researchers, and the general public. It helps monitor weather patterns, predicts potential floods or droughts, and provides insights into the overall climate conditions in different regions.

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